Monster for Peaches

I miss Monster. This little Guinea Pig that I was instructed by the client on site in Montreal was named Monster. He was so affectionate. The owner told us that it needed the love or it would go nuts. I'm not kidding. So I played with him twice daily for the two days on site. He was awesome. I feel way better now with Peaches along for the trip. See how tired she gets after a day of truthing in Cornwall?

Fantastic Blog Site Worth Checking out Winter Patriot

Strikers on Camera this morning, gonna follow up in Toronto and along the way. Cornwall Graffiti is funny! Even more funny, the guys asking me if I did it...LMAO!

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Live Streaming

Grasshopper Media has had this channel for a few weeks now. Just posted the first live coffee talk morning update, from Cornwall on the 401 not far from the US border crossing. Stay tuned. Chat away. Question the Answers!

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