Days of Change

Interview with Slam and Mike from MTL about this weekend and what they do!

Charlie Sheen Interviews Obama

Today, Tuesday. September 8th. A number that reflects infinity. On the Mayan Calendar it is a galactic tone of 13 and on the sign of the sun. Tomorrow we fall back to the tone of 1 and it will be on the sign of the crocodile. For what it's worth all this means nothing! Any symbolism behind the date that tomorrow falls on in the Gregorian Calendar is of little significance as is in the Mayan Calendar. It will be a day with 24 hours, same as the last...or 13 tones if you understand how the earth vibrates. Either way, any change that comes will be of the same sort in days before, nothing seemingly changes in a world that never stops changing. Danny from London points out that all peoples poop stinks, and I want to make the semblance towards the days we 'live'.

Planning and control take a lot of energy. Energy when in its most static and powerful state of conspiracy usually leaves a large signature of sorts. When a crime is committed usually all angles will not be thought out or understood, only the angle of the person committing the crime. It is those elusive criminals that think about the perspective of their enemies that keep them safe.

I feel a change has already occurred in this story we call the Truth Force. Obama has been presented with information about 911 from Charlie Sheen. Cloud, my buddy, mentioned he was a pervert and frequents the prostitution industry. I said I was a sex addict too, lol. And Michael J was found guilty with the kids right? Nope! Jon Lavoie puts it nice in this song about MJ for all the hypocrites! I admitted and always will, I told the MJ/Walmart/Boys Briefs joke too many times. But it was just so easy to remember!


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