Me, Myself and my AMHA...

I have learned that my path is to be riddled with suspicion. I learned the hard way quite often when I was young but I greatly appreciate the experience now through hind-sight. With what I have learned I can apply it to what I am going to learn in the next time I have allotted. The space I choose to occupy will be labeled.

I chatted with three lovely tourist women at Nepean's point two days ago. They spoke to me after I explained the trip about what was in it for me. I feel one of them thought it disgusting that I would fund a trip through such a charity. I felt it too. That would be gross!

Holy crap that's not what I'm doing. But people will think what they want. I assure you in the end it will look like I changed the world conspiring to make it better for myself...WTF is wrong with that? I intend to hurt no being. And wish only to do what I have the capacity to do. This trip is that.

I have spoken of synchronicity before and I cannot deny that I want to travel across Canada, so perhaps my desire to better myself is tainted and I'm seemingly going to use a lot of people to get what I want...I'm sorry.

AMHA - My Alterior Motives & Hidden Agendas are open for debate at any time. I am not what I seem. Until you see your true self you will only see me as more of what you need to entice your acceptance of your own perfection. Cut me up, if it helps you.

Please don't cut me if it doesn't help me.

Much Love
Twisted M@

Join Grassbook, Just like facebook for Grasshoppers...blogs, video posts, chat, even Ventrilo to have online chat forums where people are speaking from anywhere in the world. This is my movement I guess...but I swear to God, on my life, I would never have come up with it without 3 key people to remain nameless.

Just a page on Facebook to be a Fan of the Grasshopper Movement. Should you be one and you have a facebook account. We need to use every means and shit, facebook smells good to me. You are Invited to the event on September 11th in Ottawa, whatever it turns out to be. (I know I linked to the same link there 4 times...sorry if you clicked it more than once, lol)

I am not Asking for Money, just your conscious support through the Grasshopper Movement Cause on Facebook. Thanks there also for your support!

Being Change (Just posted this video I made 4 days before I met Richard Gage...fresh off the Zeitgeist train...)
Being Change Episode 1
Being Change Episode 2
Being Change Episode 3
Being Change Episode 4
Being Change Episode 5

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It is Time for Truth!

** Jane Burgermeiser / Rebecca Carley / Elizabeth Book / Rebecca Cambell / JoAnne Cremer - Interview by Project Camelot:

It must be over for the New World Order!

What are the people doing to the people?

We need Alex Jones and the like to shock our oppressive cognitive dissonance to the Truth.

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