Falling in Smith Falls Amoré

H1N1 Special Report: NO FORCED SHOTS!
Awoke this morn in the Walmart Parking in Smith Falls. Beautiful sun shining, warming the Furnace. Last night after the wonderful movie I was invited to I stopped at Scott's Corner to grab a quart of oil. Becky and Scott greeted me with smiles, and I being the idiot that I am seeking for help with understanding what type of oil I need. I understand mechanics quite well, however I had never had it clarified what difference 5W or 10W was. Never asked Dad, only asked him which one. Scott was the clarification I needed. 5W is thinner, 10W gets thicker all the way up to 40W. He insisted I bring my vehicle by for him to look at. So I did. What a guy. Owns a corner store Ultramar Gas station here in Smith Falls and he will not not be friendly. It was cold last night so I didn't ask him for his shirt...although off his back he would surely give it. Scott is not better than most, in fact lately all I meet are awesome people. Two days ago in Cornwall I met a lady who actually didn't know 911 was an inside job...but other than that people just keep getting better.

Like the power failure we had a few years ago in Ontario, people became kinder under not so kind circumstances. I think the state of the world now, even with electricity, is causing most to secure there connections and character rather than finances.

But that's just my opinion! Inspiring movie last night in an inspiring little theater, synop below.

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