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Nathan Moulton was in the movie Truth Rising. I watched this flick with Tyrone right after I met Richard Gage. Nathan showed me how to Truth a Walmart. The Camper will be staying in quite a few Walmart Parking lots I imagine over the next year. I think I will buy only local tho...however I intend to go in to spread truth. Inspired by the guys in orange who traveled the US. So much Truth! I love it!

GET YOUR DVD RIGHT NOW AT: Activist is a documentary about the truth actions of Nathan Moulton and Calgary 9/11 Truth from the past three years, with new interviews and never before seen footage. This documentary shows how one person can affect a massive amount of change in a creative way. By thinking outside the box and taking some incredible chances, Moulton has made national and international headlines time and time again. He is living proof that one dedicated person who stands up for truth and justice can move mountains. Moulton has taken on people like Al Gore, George W Bush, and Jack Layton in his quest to expose the lies that are being used to manipulate public opinion. He has received wide praise and had to deal with active opposition, yet he takes the attention in stride and keeps forging ahead. Many people have been inspired to take action after watching Moulton online, and this documentary shows how easy it is to get out there and take the truth to the sleeping masses. GET YOUR DVD RIGHT NOW AT:

Walmart Intercom: 9/11 Truth

Walmart 911 Truth Part 2

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Video Re-Post

Last November's Truth Action video's Audio has been removed from Youtube.

Here it is for those who have ears!

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