What do you see?

I'm off to do some Controlled Demo today. I am working for Gas money to get to TO, and to get some decorative supplies for Bernice. Working with my hands is something I miss greatly. I have worked many types of jobs, not the best being the ones when I was sitting and somehow earning more money for doing less...when more is what I wanted. Some people enjoy sitting at a desk with little expectations for more. Some of us need to work. Some still complain about things but their work is what makes them feel whole and allows them to laugh and smile although they speak of their unlimited limits. My father was like this. He told me things like the world will never change "in my lifetime" and yet he would come home everyday from work (usually after dinner) having constructed or lifted some thing into place. He was a crane operator in Ottawa. He contributed his self to time spent in the cab of that machine. Being present when the job was in progress and depending on the team to complete the job he could not do alone. Work.

What is work? I love to work personally. I hear the word Lazy a lot. I don't see lazy out there. I don't see anything but beautiful people sitting on their asses. Shit, give them a break, they might be getting ready for something. Like getting down to work.

Ghandi and others have spoken about being the change and being rather than doing. This is it. No matter what you do you cannot not be. Have you ever noticed this? Do you know that this is always there even if you have never stopped to tickle it. The action involved is not to 'do nothing' but to what? Whatever you want! Do what you do.

It's just a ride. Don't stop it.


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