Already eaten after not add water!!!

Busy night, lots of topics! Regarding Climate change and my old Hero David Suzuki, this image from Sheep Society Blog is so priceless we just have to share it!
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Do you know how powerful you really are?

The Channel of Robert Menard is an essential sub!

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TTS gets shut down and goes to the streets!

Great Channel, everyone should subscribe to:

The Toronto Truth Seekers went out to represent Canadians who do not support Al Gore and the lies that are being uncovered about the Global Warming Situation. The were told to leave and threatened IMHO, from what I have heard from second hand. The Truth rises faster when there is a force suppressing it!

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Interviewing Paul Manly tonight for his work about the SPP, and you and I too apparently...

Or watch some of our movies on finditherefirst and ecriptic. Thanks, Peace!
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Circus Bread

Bread with Circus November 24th
Straight from the Yukon Canada, a new friend of Grasshopper Media deserves some serious attention. All connections in this growing network are leading to faster learning and more discussion on solutions to this infowar. Please listen, most especially about Sarah Palin. This guy is priceless!
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