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Rick Simpson Returning to

On the record with Rick Simpson May 13 c/o regarding the recent stay of charges that have kept him out of CANADA for so long...the short of it is, we all need to step up and somehow help the people that are dying every day from diseases that can be cured by this process...Please share rate know the deal!

Thanks Rick!

The world is divorce yourself from it!
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Canadian Awareness Network News Report May 13 2012

The world is divorce yourself from it!
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Rick Simpson with Grass Hopper Media

Our brother and friend Rick Simpson gives us this very timely interview in anticipation of his new book release...stay tuned to


This section was printed in that journal:

by Joshua Lewis

Nova Scotia, Canada--Recently on the web you
may have noticed that there is an awful lot of
hype surrounding a possible cure-all known
as Rick Simpson’s Concentrated Hemp-Oil. A
gentlemen from Amherst, Nova Scotia by the
name of Ricky Logan Simpson has come up with
what he claims to be a cure for many ailments
such as cancer, glaucoma, A.I.D.S., wasting syndrome
among other serious diseases that do not
respond well to the conventional treatment or
the medicines typically prescribed.
Simpson has been producing his very own
medicine for years now. It is not unusual for
Rick to make his Hemp-oil and distribute it to
people whom suffer from various diseases and
symptoms. His motivation comes from the
genuine compassion that he feels for sick people
and their needs rather than making a profit.
Residing in the Maccan area where marijuana
and hemp are still illegal and considered a
Schedule II Drug, Rick Logan Simpson has
been convicted twice for drug charges and both
times released as a free man the same day as
his sentencing. Mr. Simpson, who believes
that he has discovered a cure for a variety of
ailments such as cancer and wasting syndrome
with his miracle hemp-oil, entered a guilty plea
to one charge of trafficking, a charge that was
laid while he awaited sentencing on other similar,
drug-charges. Simpson was sentenced to
eight days in custody, time which was deemed
served during his remand time, and sentenced
to a lifetime firearms prohibition.
Is Rick Simpson’s Hemp-Oil
Really A Cure? for more information
and how to send him your
If you would like to learn more about
how cannabinoids work together with the
endocannabinoidal system to help fight inflammation
and terminal diseases like cancer,
then be sure to check out these links:
Amsterdam, Holland--In November 2009 while celebrating at the High
Times Cannabis Cup Mr. Rick Logan Simpson received the esteemed
‘Freedom Fighter’ of The Year Award; however, this momentous occasion
was coupled simultaneously by another less fortunate event: the raiding of
his home and property by The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
As a result of this useless and lawless attack by the RCMP Mr. Simpson has
been forced to live his life in exile throughout Europe avoiding arrest and
Rick is in need of financial help and your contributions to his fund are much
appreciated please visit for more information.
On behalf of Rick Simpson, Medical Cannabis Journal and Phoenixtears...
Thank you so much!
2. “Run From The Cure,” The Movie.
3. http://www.phoenixte...ede_webcast.php

The world is divorce yourself from it!
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Rick Simpson talks about hemp oil and cancer on -...

This is not the interview with Rick Simpson on May 7, 2012.

This is something to keep you happy until the face to face intimate private interview hosted by the one Commonly known as Max Radico (Recently national on CBC The National with Rob Freeman on the Land Menard) to be posted on the Grasshopper Media airwaves...lets all get together somehow to help Rick stop the madness! Meet you in the middle!

The world is divorce yourself from it!
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