Global Warming and CO2 Emissions

A Direct copy from an Email I got from someone I don't know but now know...on facebook...

"When ice-core sample test results revealed a connection between CO2 levels and temperature levels, Al Gore’s film AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH promoted the assumption that the nature of the connection is that a rise in CO2 levels causes a rise in temperature. But when many more ice-core samples were tested and the results compared, the data determined that Al Gore’s film promotes the exact opposite of the truth. The truth is that the sun triggers a rise in temperature which triggers a rise in CO2 levels, and C02 levels are not harmful to the environment at all, because plants breathe CO2. High CO2 levels mean more trees will grow. So instead of curbing your “carbon footprint”, you should plant trees and also increase your “carbon footprint”. For more information, contact: Prof. Tim Patterson, Prof. Edward J. Wegman, Dr. Willie Soon, Prof. Bob Carter, Dr. Madhay Khandekar, Dr. Dick Morgan, Dr. Fred Goldberg, Dr. Ross McKitrick … and tens of thousands of other scientists who know that the UN’s IPCC is a fraudulent political organization with globalist intentions."
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