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Tha Mayor of McDonaldland
Officer Big Mac
Things happen fast when we are watching. Things are speeding up weather we watch them or not. We can agree we have never before in history been here. Things will continue to change.

Princess Diana, I am not obsessed with royalty, is another great place to start. I am heading to Toronto Saturday to hopefully ask the queen to tell Harry or William about Grasshopper Media. There is a polo Event advertised only in the local town of Richmond Hill, near Toronto. I was there and saw banners of the event but fail to find anything on the web.

There is a SK8 comp in Alexandria tomorrow night. I am going to get some of my friends to come for some promoting of the new Raage location opening in Shawville Quebec, and inform everyone about the truth of 911 (waking up to reality, through peaceful information sessions).

Found a Officer Big Mac Head we may mount on top of the Truth Ambulance we are whipping together over the summer. Check out Raage Sk8 sometime and go buy all your awesome stuff from Alain in Alexandria. Keep it local, ya'll!

Some Classic McDonalds Metaphors etc...

75 Commercial Playlist
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