The Queen must like Music!

I am Grasshopper. You are Grasshopper! We are all insects to them. They don't really care about us! Purchased the Truth Wagon, Truthermobile, FukkenVagon...Its up for naming. Started with the stickers. Will post that process. So much is happening! Gotta make light of it all right? We need less prisons, more children. Depopulation seems to be in effect. Grasshoppers will sing and dance this out! The Truth! Giver!

And a Cameron Green vlog post for you too!

Oh Oh OH and a slight adjustment to the trip plan. I was talking to Matthew B this morning and he mentioned to me to check out the Vancouver Truth Bus Trip. They drove across Canada in 2008 to march on Ottawa. I was told they went to Montreal first to meet with and walk/drive to Ottawa over 5 days. This inspired us to add a small leg to the trip before heading directly west to TO for October 11th. Gratefully and excitedly we are going to take the camper east for a great speaking event on Sept 12 in Mon-Royal. Probably stay there until we got gas for the next trip. Most likely shoot a lot of video's on make it yourself Truth stuff. Plus Montreal never sleeps. Most likely parking in Verdun for 5 days. Perhaps a night at each Walmart. Truth rises! The ripples are waves!
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