Bushy Clint

Pacific Free Press - 9/11 Truthers Do the Clinton-Bush Event

Saturday May 30th, Toronto Ontario.
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I got it, ego is nothing more than your fear of public speaking. You create it to ensure your specialness although you don't need to and it inadvertently creates hostility towards others. The meek shall inherit the earth. Basically Intellect meets Social Activity. Who then needs an ego when we are all movie stars or whatever we want to be. Simply by choosing. It explains Christian Bale in a better light for me, usually fame makes you happy. Wonder why he is so mad...we will find out someday surely.

Just a thought, after getting home from the Harkat Trials @ the Supreme Court. That this mans rights got flushed down the system, proving it does not serve the's like playing telephone but with peoples lives....and unknowing people are racist for reasons they do not know are made up. New immigrant or not. Post 911 policies have created conditions to victimize the weakest links. If we do not overcome our ego's and dive inside and out, nothing will happen. But it would be really cool if we did. Or when we do rather. You all Rock! It already happened.

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Richard Gage

Now here is progress. Local News stations in the states, just feel that enthusiasm! Questions, questions everywhere!
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