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My Meeting with a Member of Parliament. December 20th, 2011. I decided that I would meet with my alleged Member of Parliament, so I booked an appointment at the beginning of December. I wanted to see what these people actually know, and what their understanding of their duties as an MP are. I figured this would be a great chance to try to communicate with what we normally perceive, or what we have been led to believe, are our adversaries. I found Mr. Bezan to be a very mannered and regular guy who truly believes in what he does. Now granted, this is the Interlake of Manitoba, where most politicians are usually farmers, which turned out to be the case. So, he was down to earth, and was actually in agreement with my stance on the Nexxen non-deal (fleecing) and FIPA, which is the agreement to allow the plunder of the Canadian resources for the exclusive profit of the Chinese Communist Government. Now, after having informed Mr. Bazen of some of my background, I followed up by informing him that I am what the media has taken to referring to as a “free man”. He later admitted to groaning inwardly when I said that, he admitted he didn’t know what to expect next as he possibly expected me to start frothing at the mouth, jump on the table and begin berating him and lunging for his jugular. So, imagine his surprise when I turned out to be rather well informed, and has some very legitimate concerns to raise with him. Imagine my surprise that he had many of the same concerns. We covered a variety of topics, and I even delved into helping him understand what the position of a true “free man” is and what our values are, presuming of course that I do speak for a number of people of like mind. I think he now knows that we are not crack heads trying to get free houses, or anarchists, but instead are the opposite of what the media has portrayed. Well informed individuals who are tired of lies, deceit, fraud, backroom deals, violations of our rights, and the legal plunder of our country. I even delved into the Live Birth Record, and how Acts and Statutes do not apply to the People, they are restrictions on government as we have already existing rights that Canada clearly has recognized and has a clear duty to protect. I believe he knew nothing of some of the things I brought up, and might actually be interested in learning. I was very forthright with telling him that I am not a taxpayer, I have not filed in 16 or 17 years, I have no drivers license, I am a non-resident of Canada, I use private plates, and all the rest of it. Too accommodate for the attention span of the average adult, I will simply now skip to my follow up communication to Mr. Bezan upon returning home and reflecting on the informal meeting we had that lasted roughly one hour: “Hello Mr. Bezan, This is a follow up to our meeting earlier today, December 20th, at 1:00 p.m. As per your request: “The world is changing and nothing is ever going to be the same again. Just ask the residents of Boise, Idaho – they are about to have a 50 square mile self-contained communist Chinese city plopped right into their backyard.” Of course, for some reason this is not in the mainstream media in North America. If this is the Will of the People, why is it being kept in the dark and often ridiculed as “Conspiracy Theory”, much like the Nexxen deal and FIPA? Not only has this begun, this is not the only one, as I have been informed that dozens of these “cities” have been signed into existence and are under construction. Having said that, I appreciated the rather pleasant conversation and exchange of each others understandings that we had today. I am glad that I might have helped to dispel the negative press and what I would consider “Willful promotion of hatred against an identifiable group” that has taken place in the media and certain elements of the government surrounding what is actually a rather dedicated, peaceful and informed part of the population of this land. I’m sure that this demonizing is intentional, as it would be catastrophic to certain elements of the government of Canada to have to face a well informed public. As for the demonizing of people that have been labelled “free men”, I will now quote the Preamble to the Canadian Bill of Rights: “The Parliament of Canada, affirming that the Canadian Nation is founded upon principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God, the dignity and worth of the human person and the position of the family in a society of free men and free institutions;” So, why is the worth of the free people of this country being undermined and attacked by the media and certain elements of the Federal and Provincial governments?I will attach some case law with regards to the application of Acts and Statutes within Canada so that you, Mr. Bezan, and your associate might better understand the stance of the quickly growing group of people who are simply applying what is already decided upon Law, with supporting case law. Please find attached R v.Dell and R v. Big M Drug Mart, as well as this link to the Canadian Heritage Website regarding what section 32 of the supreme law of Canada means, according to the government itself. “The purpose of this section is to make it clear that the Charter only applies to governments, and not to private individuals, businesses or other organizations.” As you can see from what was provided, the claim that the government has no authority to interfere and meddle in the affairs of the people is not regulated to science fiction, or wishful thinking, it is a well established fact that is undeniable and well documented. This includes forcing people to get licenses, which is a privilege, in exchange for the unconditional right they already possess, through fear, intimidation and physical beatings of the kind that I have been a victim of, several times, from the R.C.M.P. and Brandon City Police, most notably the Selkirk R.C.M.P. where you Office is located, for exercising my preexisting unconditional rights. I can wholeheartedly agree with you, Mr. Bezan, that the highest duty of the Federal Government is to protect the Sovereignty of this Country. Well, it has been unanimously ruled many times by the Supreme Court that the People of this Land are the Sovereigns, the Sovereign People, and that means that the highest duty of Officers of the Federal Government is to protect the Sovereignty of the People of this Land. That is people like myself, and others that realize who we are. The non-resident Sovereign Canadian People of this Land. The Government was granted their authority, by the People, to protect their already existing rights and are not authorized to beat the People into obeying every non-sensical piece of legislation emanating from the bowels of Ottawa, being gibberish that no reasonable man would even care to read let alone attempt to understand. To read and understand legal ramblings that trespass well into lunacy, would deem one to be a lunatic. I must tell you, that as a reasonable man, I am offended that anyone could be led to believe that because the government redefines words, and passes statutes that clearly apply to only them, that somehow an obligation is placed on myself, or the People of this Land. This would actually mean that the mere Act, that I would love to see the source of authority for, of the Prime Minister of the organization that the people deposited their birthright with, to be held in trust for them, then selling those assets to a foreign communist power that is well documented for its abuses of human rights is an act of criminal breach of trust, a violation of the Sovereignty of the People and a violation of his first duty he is entrusted with, being an Act of treason. I do not believe the Will of the People was to sell Estate assets to the Chinese, and for Chinese Economic Zones to be built in Canada to do the job of the government for their own private profit, using a slave labour pool from China. If it was the Will of the People, it would not have been done without authority, in back room deals, that nobody knew about, or will probably ever know about. Having said that, I know you assured me that tough measures and laws were put in place that the Chinese must obey, to protect the environment and to protect the Sovereignty of Canadians, and I’m certain you genuinely believe that. I answered you immediately by stating that the government of Canada does not even follow its own rules, am I to believe the Chinese will? I did appreciate the ‘smile’ that I received from you for that statement, as I think we are all aware that they will obey Canadian Law as much as the Canadian government does. Also, I mentioned that I did not believe that Canada would have any way to enforce these alleged laws, when China does break them, or Canada had any mettle to actually enforce them, and it will most likely be swept under the rug for payoffs, and that nothing would be done in the interest of the people, only the back pockets of the cronies involved in the deal…who no doubt received bribes and/or shares in Nexxen for passing the deal in the first place. I personally think that every Board member of Nexxen, and every government official involved in this deal should face charges, and if the Crown is unwilling and/or unable to do this, that some of the People are going to do it. Iran is considered a World threat. Iran hung four bankers recently involved in deals that would undermine the well being of the nation and put the People of Iran at risk. Is Iran really a threat to the People and the World, or to Bankers and special interest groups that would seek to fleece that nation as they currently do to ours. Hugo Chavez is portrayed as a Tyrant in our media, yet international observers touted their elections as the most free in the World. Mr. Chavez took back all state assets from Corporations, such as Nexxen, and now the People of Venezuela pay 7 cents for gasoline because there is no more profiteering from state assets. Are these people really a threat to freedom, or are they a threat to private interests and monopolies, of the sort behind Nexxen and FIPA. My resources are stolen daily and I am beaten and jailed for exercising what is a fundamentally protected right, who exactly are the tyrants threatening the World again? I am, of course, currently drafting a Federal Lawsuit against the Harper Administration for Criminal Breach of Trust and Treason. I am glad that good people like yourself, Mr. Bezan are just as aghast at this non-deal, as We the People are. How long before Chinese Commercial Zones appear in Canada, where they speak only Mandarin and bring in their own labourers like in Idaho. Wait…I believe that is what has just happened under the guise of an investment deal that apparently the Canadian People benefit from! “Equity will not allow a statute to be used as a cloak for fraud.” – Maxim of Equity I believe that is what has happened here, as with many other things that are perpetrated daily against the People of this Land. I see no reason why we cannot all work together to fix what I believe is greatly covered up nightmare of a problem with what government has mutated into over the last 80 years. Canada, a good idea gone bad. I think the current attacks on what the Bill of Rights calls “free men” is an attempt to marginalize and diminish well educated People who will not go along with the fraud that is taking place, and an attempt to group us with every whack-job out there simply wanting to not be held accountable for crimes they have committed, or debts they have got themselves into. Again, if the Chinese are profiting off of the resources, why are the people of Canada not doing so? Do we not have the ability to mine our own resources? This whole affair smells of backroom deals for personal unjust enrichment. What is the unemployment rate in Canada? I tell you what, you give me a government grant, and I will purchase Nexxen and put Canadians to work. I will not only pay back the loan of Public funds with interest, but I will eliminate corporate privilege and pay scales, and send a cheque to every Canadian for their share of the profits from the development of their resources. How does that sound? Would you back a deal like that? In fact, I will make that the remedy being sought in my Federal Lawsuit, and force the government to rescind the deal and give the People back the control of their own resources. I don’t want millions of dollars, I want what is right, and just to be done, as that is what Justice is supposed to be. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. – Edmund Burke Another Irishman that I’m certain the Crown had wished they kept plied with Whisky. Unfortunately, I don’t have any “nothing” in me, but I do have a whole lot of doing what is right in me, so I think I will do something. “Jayne Cobb: Shepherd Book once said to me, “If you can’t do something smart, do something right.” – Firefly I thank you, Mr. Bezan for your time, and I believe you to be a sincere man who wants to do what is right. I highly suggest that if Ottawa wants to know why the Law movement is growing exponentially the way that it is, and why the People do not vote anymore, and why they have become completely adverse to and fed up with the Federal Government, you might want to look at what is “business as usual” in Federal Politics. The government of Iceland did not fix Iceland, the People rose up and took Iceland back. The common People drafted a new Constitution and firing the entire government, they have prosecuted the previous government cronies and their Banksters and have jailed them. Now Iceland prospers and has freedom that is unparalleled in the world right now. Sounds pretty good to me, have they set the bar for us to follow? I’m Irish, I personally think that the People of this Land can show them up. I suppose I should thank the Politicrats currently running the show, they have accelerated the pace of people waking up and wanting to learn their rights, as I have never seen such interest from this many people since I started educating myself fifteen years ago. I think that if the government continues on this path, that it is time for the People to pass their own Constitution, and self-govern, and then we can put all the past dealings of the government under the full light of day and the eye of scrutiny to see what truly evil dealings were done in the back rooms while the People slept. We are not asleep anymore. I hope you are interested in talking more, as I feel there are positive things that can be achieved without the need of a Spanish style breakdown, and where Politicians like yourself break rank from the “Party Line” and begin to actually enforce the Will of the People, and not the Will of the Party, because you believe in what is right. Can you honestly tell me that you believe Ottawa routinely does what is best for the People, and carries out the Will of the People? I would also like to know your opinion on the alleged position of Canada at the UN on the Palestinian vote, considering your involvement with the recognition of the Holodomor? These are sincere questions by the way, I am not trying to be coy. Canada promotes itself as the champion of human rights, yet votes against an oppressed people attempting to recognized and self-determine their clearly unique culture. Matthew 7:16 – Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? I know Canada, I see them. Enough of that for now, please have a wonderful Christmas Holidays, and I wish you and your family all the best throughout the New Year. Also, if you happen to be Mayan, happy end of the world in approximately seven hours. I hope we talk again soon. Dean C.Clifford Grantor and Sole Beneficiary Sovereign Creditor of Canada” These People are not our enemies. Many are good people with good intentions who are sorely uneducated and uninformed as to their duties, the Law, and the history of this country. Although, he was very aware that the Canada Act is United Kingdom legislation, that the BNA still governs, that the Federal Government operates THROUGH the Province, and that no Act of the UK has any force or effect here since 1982. So….what gives current legislation force or effect against the people….besides the less than the nothing it previously had? Harper has what authority to sell our assets that we deposited? The greatest enemy a de facto foreign government has, is a well informed public that it must answer to. Let’s get informed already. Dean C. Clifford
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