Overspent but full up on Truth

This years fiscal budjet for Me as a person has certainly exceeded the pool of funds that make up my finances. I have purchased an RV for travel Across Canada. I have just put 4 new tires, hoses, neutral arm, fuel pump and windshield. Oil Change was necessary! And there will be more to come!

As we have overspent on the budget that is lucrative at best, we must inform you there will be no resession on Truth! There are no handouts in life, only hands. I will work for this. I will wash dishes, build things, paint. I might even have a master carpenter with me for some legs on the trip.

We have a lot of space on the RV. Stickers and messages will be given to everyone. 2 x 3 space for each individual. However, if it is a business card (corporate) surely some money would float on the wind. Commercials about business' that understand the 911 issues will be posted on Youtube. All rights are given away! You can use anything we create. We couldn't do it without you!

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