The Fifth Estate since CBC is having Tech Issues...

Richard Gage from is the only part I managed to see last night as there were things that needed doing. Watching it now and thanks to Steeper33 we have the 5 part show. Enjoy Truthers!

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TheTrutherMom Cares!

TheTrutherGirls does her own research and reports on it because she cares. Do you care to do your own research? Don't believe everything you see or read...William Cooper imparted this in us. We need to each learn and apply what we know for sure, by living out the truths that we are because of that knowledge. Being not that which we have seen and have no desire for, all the while living on that edge that makes us feel alive rather than asleep and living in a dream filled with hate. Its a padded room, but its not a nice place.

Knowledge is proud that it knows so much; wisdom is humble that it knows no more.
~William Cooper

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