Truth is a Force. Truth is Rising. Like the proverbial rolling snowball, this movement is catching speed more and more each day. The way that people are coming together is amazing. I would not say that there is a phenomenal change in people as this happens, but more like an awakening to what they always were. A personal measure of potential.

Making the video for the event in Ottawa on September 11th has helped me to even more fully realize that we are all in this together. Regardless of the frequency of commitment, all contribute and the love is changing to an unconditional one. Nothing is more rewarding than helping someone help themselves.

I cannot say there is a lack of guidance in the way things are going. I have never been able to see so many great idea's at one time. So much Possibility! So much Light. Whatever the reasons for concern it seems there is no shortness of synchronicity or courage. Keep on Keeping On, ya truthers!

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