We are at a time of much needed change. There are those who have dreamed of this change for countless generations, vicariously bestowing their values on not just their children but humanity as a whole. We are all connected and we must begin to reflect that truth in our everyday life if we are going to prevent this prophesied Nuclear Winter of Poverty and War. Not on my watch. Knowledge is Power. We just need to begin with common sense to gain perspective. People most often simply jump to thinking they know everything.

Today is Fathers Day. My father is gone from this physical plane except as an echo. Today I send out the question to the world. The same question he asked me every time I stated a problem in need of fixing. I can't imagine where he got it from, not his father, and he probably never imagined its macro cosmic relevance.

"What Do You Know For Sure?"

For my answer see 1:00 of Being Change Episode 2.

I met a man named Sylvain. He is attending Truth Movie Tuesdays @ Saint Paul Uni. However he is only attending those that his son would be able to attend. His son is young. He is a responsible father just like mine was and vicariously is. When you sacrifice even your partial involvement in your beliefs that is Love. We cannot all save the world. But all of us can save the world.

The Free Bees. Weather your a brother or a mother...The Cheeze cuts the Knife. Truth Abounds!

Trustland Recession Survivors. Help us create sustainable employment today. And World Peace along the way.
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