January 2010


Ottawa 9/11 Truth July 11th Truth Action - Hope Beach Volleyball Tournament

Can't wait for this years tournament!!!

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TheFreedomLinkCanada, The Resistance.wmv

Grasshoppers Everywhere! Truth is Rising! With Toto we stand!

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freeman story of a clear violation of my common law rights.

The police have stolen this Freemans Van with all of his tools. He has clearly been violated of his rights and possessions. Stuff like this cannot continue!!!

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Vancouver City feat. Linda Ganzini (Official Video)

Enjoy this really Beautiful Video!

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Grasshopper Aid

Please join us in helping people -

Need help
Isabel Grabarczyk
Vancouver, BC

Court File Number: (BC Supreme Court) L053103
Court File Number: (BC Court of Appeal) CA-034690
Court File Number CA-36429

To Whom This May Concern:

I am doing this video for a very kind lady named Isabel Grabarczyk. I apologize for the video quality , I am currently on the road traveling acNeeross Canada. I ran into Izzy in Vancouver and she told me her story and as a peaceful astral biological entity I felt it is my responsibility to at least help her. This is her story.

This document pertains to the sequence of events which occurred around approximately the years of 1999-2000 to Lucy Grabarczyk(deceased) and her daughter Isabel Grabarczyk(62 years old). The exact dates of incarceration can be located in the police reports for these occurances. Also this document pertains to Isabel events for 2010.

All information enclosed has been witnessed by Isabel Grabarczyk and Lucy Grabarczyk (April, 2001. deceased).

Isabel Grabarczyk understands that she was wrongfully incarcerated and is seeking clarification and justice in regards to the wrongful incarceration of her mother Lucy Grabarczyk also. She has been wrongfully fined as well.

The sequences of events are as follows:

In 1999, Lucy Grabarczyk(the deseased) requested repairs for her apartment to be completed by Vancouver Condominium Management Company and Strata council. Isabel and her mother lived here since the building was first built in 1987.

Repairs were agreed upon by the management company but were never addressed.

The repairs which need completion at _____________ are:

-Patio door did not close, needed to be fixed.
-Window hardware for drapes for personal privacy needed to be installed.
-Tiles broken in the kitchen.
-Rug not fitted properly.

(At the present time of 2010 all of the repairs have been completed but not by the management company, except for the repairs needed for the balcony door.)

Many attempts to call and physically meet with management were made but no help was given. Strata Council was contacted to no avail.

After the repairs were ignored, bi-law fines were sent to Lucy Grabarczyk for $1200 in damages caused by flooding from plumbing breakage in another apartment. This was paid in full by Lucy Grabarczyk out of fear of facing conflict with the law society.

One night in approximately the years of 1999-2000 Lucy Grabarczyk locked herself out of her apartment on her balcony as the result of the balcony door not being repaired by the management company.

Shortly after being locked out, Lucy Grabarczyk called out to two passerbys on the street for help. These individuals climbed up to the balcony and forced the door open with great difficulty.

As a result of this, a call was made to Car 87(Mental Health Organization with the assistance of the Police Department).

Car 87 arrived at Lucy Grabarczyk's apartment and an arrest was made without clarification as to why she was being arrested at the age of 80. English was her second language, so this arrest was done without an understanding on Lucy's behalf. It is suspected that she was arrested because of the amount of money present in her purse at the time of arrest.

It is important to note that Lucy Grabarczyk was incarcerated during the holocaust and by experiencing this unlawful treatment(being incarcerated under false claims), it caused a reliving of her turmoil in the holocaust. It is believed that stress was a main factor in the event of her heart attack.

As a result of Lucy Grabarczyk's death, Isabel Grabarczyk inherited the apartment.

A $4000 home warranty should have been returned to Isabel, but never was.

Shortly after Isabel Grabarczyk moved into the apartment, repairs were requested again but denied once more, except for the balcony door being fixed.

By-law fines for fraudulent plumbing breakage eventually were changed to noise complaints sent to Isabel Grabarczyk. All these fines accumulated up to $22 000.

Isabel Grabarczyk refused to pay these fraudulent fines fabricated by the Vancouver Condominium Management Company and Strata Council of the Pallidian.

Isabel Grabarczyk requested help from Coast Mental Health to take the management company to court for the dismissal of the fraudulent fines but no help was received. No justice was served.

Letters were sent back and forth between Vancouver Condominium Management Company and Coast Mental Health for 4 months but no court date was set. Poor Isabel having to endure cruelty of the legal system was smart enough to keep the letters passed back and forth between the 2 corporations.

Isabel expressed her discontent with Coast Mental Health by calling them and expressing her emotions telling them to get things done. Car 87 was called on Isabel Grabarczyk as a result of this.

After Car 87 arrived at the apartment(The reasoning the police gave was that there were noise complaints and this story later changed. They stated they wanted to physically come into see if Isabel was eating properly)

Isabel requested they meet in a restaurant downstairs to discuss what she had done wrong, but a forced entry ensued by the police.

After this, Isabel was incarcerated and strip searched at the police station. She was not allowed to use the bathroom for a prolonged period of time. She had to leave her excrements(feces) on the drain. Isabel was not given any food until' after 10:30 PM that night. She arrived at the station for 1:00 PM on Saturday.

Isabel had to ask for food, but was offered pharmaceuticals instead(Valium), the reason given for not allowing her to eat was because she was 'crying'. She was not allowed to leave until' Sunday around 5:00 PM. She was released with no charges. She endured police cruelty and neglagence.

Isabel had in her possession documents and journals of very important information pertaining to the fraudulent fines and also the letters that were sent back and forth between Vancouver Condominium Management Company and Coast Mental Health.

Upon her arrival she noticed that these documents had been stolen and suspect that the police were responsible. This caused her stress because that was all the information she needed for her court case.

The $22 000 by-law fines were dropped to $2 500 by the courts which was deducted from the home warranty($4000) that was never presented to her.

The remaining money from the home warranty has still not been manifested.

After all of this, there is now pending $16 000 in court costs, which is being applied by a forced sale of the (freehold) apartment.

Indigent status was refused for a court appeal which expires at the end of February 2010. At this time the appeal will be redeemed abandoned.

Isabel had no legal representation throughout the entirety of her case and was 'blacklisted' by the Law Society.

Isabel Grabarczyk is desperately seeking help from any competent lawyer willing to take on this precedent case. All money received by the lawyer chosen to represent Isabel Grabarczyk can be donated to a charity of their choice.

Isabel Grabarczyk is also open to receiving help from a member of the Freeman Society or someone who is knowledgeable in court proceedings.

I, Isabel Grabarczyk understand that the information provided in this document is correct.

To contact me please do so by phone preferably before 11AM please leave a message if I am not available with your contact information.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you for your time,


Isabel Grabarczyk

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Are You Free Man?

To answer the question of 'what acts and statutes' are not regarded as law, the answer is none of them. To what Laws do you have to give authority to? Your own. Figure out what they are, then live by them (and serve notice, if you care to change anything for the others that are still slaves to the system...and the future)
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They Live When Sheeple Sleep, Music Clip Exposing NWO Mafia Crimes with Freeman

The queen is hungry....wait for it.

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Irene Gravenhorst

Irene describes how we have been decieved by our governments.
For more info on this,check out Rob Menard and many other brave people who are taking a stand against Government corruption.

Please follow link,
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Generation Truth

Its all about the next!

Pokerface- Revolution Great video!

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Gotz Vids? Remove the false!

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Common-law Right to Travel - Encounter with London Police

Check out the channel awkword519 on Youtube! Good Job Bro!

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Frankie G and You and Me.

Frankie G. Everyone add this Grasshopper on Facebook if you don't know him already. He is the creator of the documentary 'Waking up Canada (To the New World Order)'. Watch it on his channel Thanks!
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UnB & UnB

Unbought and Unbossed Radio: If you missed the show or had trouble connecting to the stream, here is a free (unofficial) mp3 archive of the show. (Raymond will have the 'official version posted in a day or two)

Max Radico, Frank Gotz, Zack and other members of Grasshopper Media from Ottawa / Montreal were in studio guests.

Unbought & Unbossed on Facebook.
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We Gone West

Well we are here, in Vancouver...the home of the 2010 Olympic Games. It is not in the papers or on the news but it should be that this town is awake. There is so much going on about the truth behind the olympics its nuts. There are buildings mysteriously burning down with McDonalds showing up in their stead. Today apparently there was a large amount of people doing something via the message of riding the skytrain in their underwear...?!! No Idea.

For us this has been quiet the synchronistic trip, always seeming to give us what we need moments before we think we need it. Meeting certain people on the same sort of travels and experiences from all over this planet. We ate yesterday for free, Lunch. Amazing. Going to post a video expressing our gratitude. So much learning...sorry not much time to post. Getting loads of footage though. Hope it makes a nice story. Frankie, Kanaska, Zack and myself thank the Universe.

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We all have Family names not Last names donchyakno!

While filming our future documentary 'Canada Knows how to become a Freeman(woman)' and right after emailing our friend Robert Menard, as if on cue we were given a divine opportunity. The car was approached by RCMP and local officers in the town of Hope, British Columbia. Due to our recent research and interest in becoming sovereigns in a common law juristiction, we had to do our duty to exercise our freedom and rights thereof.

Posted to

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Picture Truth all over the World

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The Subversive...

Just off the west of the center of Canada there is a city that I personally had never stopped to visit. Saskatoon I drove by once while driving back from Edmonton to Ottawa. We pulled in yesterday afternoon right into DownTown....the energy and good feelings were all around. We started doing our thing...and we met some really amazing people...pretty much got the afternoon city goers to converse, debate and even join with us. There are a load of smart people in this city and it has a lot to give in the form of Peace. Less than one month after 9/11, 2001 there was the above statue placed in the shopping area. Satyagraha is in full force. I walked into CBC radio and ended up actually speaking with the production manager. She was interested but wanted Saskatoonians that were involved. in this town...there is a lady...with a Tin Foil Hat. She teaches us that conspiracy theory and fun need to weave a web of change that can and will liberate the world from the Tyranny that is becoming all too apparent. Feel the beat! We Love IT!

Please visit The Tin Foil Hat Lady's channel, simply click on the adds to help her generate some revenue, no purchase necessary! Make sure you watch the video's too though ;)!

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Running out of Gas...but this thing don't run on Petrol!

Today, I Max Radico (as I like to call myself, and yes its an alias...real name is Matthew Racicot) made a slight misjudgment. After leaving Sault Ste Marie we made the trek towards Thunder Bay. We had 3/4 of a tank and we ran out of gas 10kms short of Wawa...the only gas Station after the Sault. Needless to say, every Ma and Pa gas station we passed with a "4 Sale" sign made us cringe as there is very little in Northern Ontario...and we are not referring to cell phone signals.

The 4 of us were awake and the sun was just coming up. I was stressed as I knew we were pushing close to the limit on what Bernadebt can do with fumes. As the car began to stall, there was an air of Peace as my 3 fellow travelers could not and would not allow me to worry about anything. I started flagging down passing vehicles and the first one I stopped offered to call CAA for us when they got to a spot with connection. I was inclined to ask more people for help but we all were satisfied that CAA would come as soon as our new friend could call them. Reception in the rocks being an issue.

While sitting there in the Black Honda Civic, discussing survival preparedness, I was overwhelmed at how this team that is forming would not allow such a "small" issue to dampen the day. Everyone was so pleased with the view as we had come to stop on a high part of the road with a beautiful outlook of a small lake. The sun just cresting the hill in the distance, to provide us with heat and light. Transports passing so close to us we could feel the forces at work.

After about 1.5 hours we started to get a little cold (a lot actually) being minus 26 outside without the windchill, and she was a blowin! I got out of the car to get extra clothes from the trunk...quickly to keep what hot air we had inside, inside. Since I was already the beautiful snot freezing with every breath...I decided to stop another traveler and ask them to call CAA to hurry up. This guy was concerned...warm in his truck and more than happy to help. He went to Wawa and called CAA for us...was put on hold...was told the wait was going to take some time...he had done his bit...thats all we had asked.

Mike from Thunder Bay was traveling from Toronto where he spent his holidays to his home farther north along Highway 17. Instead of continuing on...he put a deposit on a gas tank, purchased 20 dollars worth and drove back to where we were freezing our asses off. Keeping our hopes up that CAA would show, constantly scraping away the frost caused by our breath due to singing and laughing. There he was...the truck I had flagged down...saving us...

Side note...cop station was closer than the town...and at least One Cop drove by without stopping...and we had 'HELP' and 'PHONE' emblazoned in the frosty front and back. Battery had died so no hazard lights but still...there was Peace that needed officering...So Mike gives us a boost and Gas.

We followed this awesome guy the remaining 10 clicks to Wawa after he even used his 'larger' scraper to make is so I could see enough to drive. Payed him back for the gas while he returned the gas tank for his deposit. He allowed us to buy him a coffee...I tried to get him lunch or something because what he did for me personally was priceless. All he said was "Karma" and walked out...without even the slightest small talk about anything. We sat for a time eating bagels and warming up.

Needless to say...I was living my worst fear...letting my passengers get cold and helpless to do anything. I had even verbalized this to most. Not for one minute do I think we were not meant to break down and meet Mike. Although I really don't want to do that again under better or worse circumstances. In fact its almost like we predicted it...I hated every moment of the fear, but possibly one of the best experiences for 4 people in a car traveling west through Cold cold Canada...quite possibly the warmest populace on planet earth. Canada Knows!

"Praise the Lord, I see the Mike!"

Max Radico
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