United People World Government


I am attaching a web address for the United People World Government. This is a decision making tool developed on computer, to facilitate the people taking their soverign power back from political parties. I worked with these guys in Australia two years ago and actually wrote the initial draft of their business plan, called A Global Call for Collaboration. I am not actively involved with them now, but have a lot of time for the main proponent, a man called Ricardo Johannsson. I think it would be good to run an article on Grasshopper about this. It is not just a vision - the software is fully operational and tested and they are running a pilot project in Byron Bay, in New South wales, on the East coast of Australia, where they are calling the people to assemble in virtual space for the purpose of forming a people's government. In my eyes, it is a vital part of the technology that could link all the various people pursuing different avenues of activism today.

Have a look at the web site - there is a video presentation which gives you a summary and if you are interested, let me know what would work for you and I will liase with Ricardo.

Here is the link:

United People World Government

Much Love

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Nicholas my Friend

I met this amazing boy and his family at a time in my life when I thought I knew everything. Man was I wrong. Time marches on and tells all. My love for him seems to have grown even in the time between our last meeting and this moment. This morning I aim to make contact with the family again as they have moved to the west coast. I find it appropriate for this scheduled event to fall on the 21st of December for reasons that will remain a mystery...(PC-M, simply because I am not educated enough as of yet). Also for it to be the first, even before the truth actions (stay tuned). All for Nicholas because this boy, who could not speak, could not move his body the way he wanted or even control the things we take for granted every day as "Healthy" individuals. All for him because through all those restraints, through all his ups and downs, his crying and such to simply express himself. I have never felt so loved. He loved me like a brother. Nothing did he ask of me. NOTHING. Only to let me be loved by him.

I Love you Nicholas, see you soon.

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Name: Matthew
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Date of Event:: Dec 21, 2009
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Time of Event:: 9:11 AM
Audience:: The world
Size:: As big as our hearts
Age Range of Group:: 0-250
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Come Together

Tonight, last night rather, I had the honor of being in the presence of greatness. I have met in the last 47 days some of the smartest, most passionate and sincerely concerned people of our times. My eyes show me the differences and the similarities. My ears hear so much from them all, all so varied, uncertain, certain and supposed. When we agree I am happy. When we disagree, I am learning to turn away. My personal experience these last few weeks with regards to the ever re-occurring theme of non-violent peaceful change has produced somewhat predictable yet unforeseen acts of kindness and friendship. I have previously only felt this for brief spurts, lately it has been quite constant.

The Truth that comes from truth is proving to be graphed the same as peak oil, technology and human population. A quickening of things, horizon to spike.

Is the time now? Well, there is information that is pertinent to our global situation currently surfacing because of past mistakes made to ignore that which is apparent. Corruption can be revealed through accountability and ensured through transparency.

Through the first truth movie this summer, I met a great man Mr. Tom "Usury Free" Kennedy. In this ever increasingly small world I was invited to read a self-explanatory, in-depth commentary by Alistair Smith on Alex Jones' updated DVD "The Obama Deception," which I am free to share with you, and you with the world. This is the film we showed last evening during the second Truth Movie Tuesday of the summer of '09.

Alistair is a civil engineer and former high-profile corporate executive from Australia, now living in Ottawa, Canada. I was very happy to have him in attendance and we all benefited greatly from the encouraging conversation after which.

Alistair is a personal friend of David Spangler. Marianne Williamson has described David as "a teacher of teachers." David's article titled FURURE TENSE is from the current edition of "David's Desk." I believe it is a topic of interest to Alistair and to us all. Below is his illuminating and encouraging opinion. Worth reading every word!

The Obama Deception

This paper is in response to requests for my opinion on the video The Obama Deception, which addresses the subject of the agenda of the global banking elite for the creation of a New World Order.

The first comment is that nothing in the video came as a surprise to me. Having read Daniel Estulin’s The Truth about the Bilderberg Group and other similar studies, I was completely familiar with the concepts being put forth. What’s more it makes sense. More controversial is the role of Barack Obama in the unfolding agenda. Some people like to think that he is going to save humanity from the power mongers that lurk in the background, while others, such as the producers of this video, believe he is simply another pawn in the larger game of the shadowy men behind the scenes. Which one is right? Can we know the answer?

There are many people far better qualified to speak on this matter, and the evidence that is available, than myself. Where I can contribute is in evaluating the energetic forces that are at play in this situation and the connection the New World Order has with these forces. Suffice to say that my view is that things are not so black and white as presented in the video, yet neither would it be sensible to dismiss such claims.

When Obama won the Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton, I felt a wave of dread descend upon me that was in complete contrast to the euphoria that many of my friends appeared to be feeling. This sense of “something being off” continued and was actually strongest in the week following his Presidential victory. These feelings were counter-intuitive because, at an intellectual level, I saw him as the best candidate. These feelings, along with other factors that I will outline below, lead me to agree with KRS in the video, where he claims that the people were on the verge of a revolution and that Obama was put in place to prevent such a popular uprising against the global banking system. I had this very strong sense in the week following the election and this sense was strengthened when Obama proceeded to appoint person after person who had clear links to the established system.

In my mind there is absolutely no question that there is an agenda under way to gain control of humanity through the establishment of a New World Order, which generally refers to one, unified global structure that will be able to control the allocation of global resources and the movement of people throughout the world. Based on the work I have done with the subtle realms, this is an absolute certainty. What is not as clear is just how conscious the people who appear to be leading this agenda are, and how coordinated their efforts actually are.

There is a very intimate relationship between the subtle realms of consciousness (which we could also call higher dimensions) and humanity. We tend to see the higher dimensions in terms of light, truth and an association with spirit, that are trying to help humanity, but this is only one aspect of the higher realms. The upper realms also contain forces that are aligned with power, structure, desire and leadership. Each force, or strand of consciousness, if you like, has its own truth, its own wisdom and its own agenda in regards to Earth and humanity. The agendas of the different higher forces are often in conflict with each other.

I contend that, if we are to avert the current direction that the global elite are taking, we need to understand what is going on at a deeper level. While the protests and wonderful investigative work of people like Estulin are absolutely essential they, by themselves, are not likely to be successful, without a massive shift in the consciousness of humanity. What is needed, in addition, is intervention at the level of the higher realms that are working through the global elite.

As mentioned earlier, there is an intimate relationship between the higher realms and humanity. This relationship is easily seen in the case of spiritual people who receive channeled information, but what is not as clear is that the same relationship exists with the forces of Power, Structure, Leadership and others. The forces relating to power and structure will naturally seek to work through humans who are in a position to give expression to great power and to control large global structures. They have no interest in the average person because such a person cannot give expression to their essence.

As a result of this, there is an established connection between highly wealthy individuals and these higher forces. This connection is particularly powerful when the wealth and power has been carried down through generations as there has been a much greater opportunity to consolidate the connection.

Are these “global elite” aware of their connection to the higher realms? Some no doubt are, as there is much documented involvement with the occult among these people. Yet many more may not be aware. This is where we come to the question of whether the agenda to create a New World Order is being orchestrated consciously or whether it is being steered by forces beyond the global elite.

It seems most likely to me that there is a combination of factors. My own assessment of the situation is that there are some “leaders” within the global elite who are conscious of their connection to the higher realms and who probably gain a sense of entitlement, or even duty to guide humanity in a particular direction. But even these people are unlikely to have been capable of planning the steps that needed to be taken over the last 100 years to come to this point. The overall coordination of the agenda has been driven by the higher realms. Many of the other global elite are likely to be completely unaware of the influence of the subtle realms over them. They will not be conscious of the many urges, thoughts, visionary ideas, and responses to opportunity that are actually stimulated within their consciousness from forces beyond them. Yet this is likely to be the reality.

This brings us to the role of Obama. Is he complicit in this agenda? Was he complicit right from the beginning? Or is he being used as a puppet would be being used?

There are few positions in the world that carry as much opportunity for giving expression to the forces of Power and Structure than the President of the United States of America. It does not matter who takes up position in the Oval Office, they will immediately be assailed by the forces of Power that work through the position of President. The Presidential role acts like a vortex, or a funnel, through which these higher dimensional forces surge.

The other thing that we should note about these forces is that they have essentially two aspects to them, which I call the Seen and the Unseen. This is no different to humans. We all have a conscious awareness and an unconscious, or shadow side to us. The higher dimensional forces also have an agenda that they are aware of and a shadow that they have rejected. The President, for example, becomes a vortex not just for the higher dimensional agenda, but also for their shadow.

This all has very serious implications to the subject of the video. As far as the global elite are concerned, it would not have been necessary for Obama to be part of their conscious conspiracy. The US government is already so tightly bound to the banking system that Obama could not avoid dealing with them and giving serious consideration to their input. When you add to that the influence of the energies that will work through him once he steps into the Oval Office, it is not difficult to see how he could become an unwitting puppet of this agenda. In fact, it would be incredibly difficult for him not to be. What seems easy to say, and to envision, when he is just a candidate takes on a whole different perspective once he is in the job and has the entire collective consciousness of the Presidency to deal with and to protect. What once seemed black and white now seems grey or even cloudy. Powerful forces begin to work on him at the subconscious level, beyond his awareness and these forces may warp what he recalls about his original vision.

None of this says that Obama may not be part of the global elite conspiracy. What it says is that it doesn’t matter – even if he is not consciously involved, it will be virtually impossible for him to not be drawn into the powerful energy streams that influence his position and so, for one looking in from the outside, it could appear that he has betrayed his vision and that he was part of the plan all along.

The other thing I must stress at this time is that the agenda of the higher dimensional forces of Power and Structure is not necessarily aggressive towards the average human citizen. They have their own perspective and they are trying to manifest that perspective. But there are two issues that complicate things. First of all, these forces have no way of dealing with their shadow. In fact, they may not even recognize their own shadow; so long have they projected this down into humanity as a means of releasing it from their own dimension.

Secondly, there are distinct factions within the forces of Power and Structure and these factions are not working together. The conflict between them finds an outlet in humanity.

In the video, they spoke about the battle that Presidents such as Jefferson, Lincoln and Andrew Jackson had with the banking elite. This was expressed in some detail in the movie The Money Masters. This is the surface of a deeper struggle between two factions of the Force of Power, one that seeks to play a protective role, in maintaining the good of the collective, and another that is driven by individual expression and the desire to continually expand its own playing field. It is too involved to go into detail about this struggle in this paper – but suffice to say that, ever since 1913, the side of the individual, which is in control of money, has gained the ascendancy and it becoming more blatant in its agenda all the time.

So, what hope is there? How can any President do anything to change if he is immediately assailed by powerful, invisible forces the minute he or she steps into office? The key here is the word invisible. These forces are only invisible to those who have not learned to see them. What they actually want is to have a relationship with humans that will enable them to give full expression to their wisdom. But they do not trust humanity, and for good reason.

The people who are more likely to be able to relate to these forces are those on spiritual journeys, those who have an opening to the existence of higher dimensional realities. Yet, for the longest time, these forces of Power have been projected onto as evil, earth bound, non spiritual or just plain downright irrelevant. One only has to go back to the story of Jesus to see the lack of respect shown, by Jesus, to Pontius Pilate, (who carried the force of Power) to see this. At the other end of the scale is much of the New Age, who sees the existing power structures as “old forms” that will not be able to exist in the new awareness. This is simply not true, but rather an expression of a competing field of higher dimensional consciousness that is, in itself, engaged in a power struggle with the forces of Power.

What is needed is, first, for a President to become aware of these forces, just as some of the global elite are aware of them. Then he needs to create a container around him that will allow the forces, both Seen and Unseen, to be embraced and integrated. This container would consist of a number of people skilled in the shamanic activities of engaging these energies and by shamanic, I do not mean Native shamans, but people skilled in dealing with the subtle forces behind modern civilization (modern shamans, if you like.)

This process would enable the higher dimensional forces to engage the President in a relationship through which their shadow could be expressed and embraced, without having to be simply projected onto the world (as was clearly the case with Bush). This process would actually provide the necessary awareness needed to steer the world in the direction of a new paradigm.

The complications do not end here. The global elite do not exist in isolation. Humanity is one, interconnected field of consciousness. For a person to gain significant power in this world, they need to be energetically supported, not just by the higher dimensional forces, but by the collective consciousness of humanity. Bush could not have manifested the violence he did had it not reflected something within the collective consciousness of Americans – not all Americans, but the vast majority, including many of those who opposed Bush. Similarly, Obama is able to take the role he has because of a deep need for the sort of hope and savior consciousness that exists within the American people.

The same applies to the global elite. It is very comforting, in a perverse sort of way, to be able to project all the evil we see in the world onto them. It is pleasing to be able to adopt a position that humanity, freed from the controls of the powerful men and women sitting in the shadows pulling the strings, would be able to manifest a world of love and cooperation. It is simply not true. If the collective consciousness of humanity did not support, subconsciously, the energies being manifested by the global elite, then there is no way they could sustain the fields of influence that allow them to gather such power.

The relationship to money, to greed, to selfishness, the desire to control our environment, etc, that exists within each one of us, but that is largely suppressed or filtered through images, finds expression in the super-rich, who happen to be in a position where they can give expression to these buried aspects of all of us.

The implication of this is that the problem is much greater than simply unmasking the global elite and their agenda. This is a starting place, but without understanding the subtle way in which these people manifest the collective consciousness and finding a way to transform that collective consciousness, these same energies will simply find another way to express themselves.

Hence the global elite, and the President, are themselves puppets of a sort, in a complicated energetic dance between higher dimensional forces and the collective (un)consciousness of humanity, mingled in with the visions of those people in positions of power.

But even here we do not stop. At the heart of this is a struggle between the individual and the collective. This struggle is not something unique to humanity, nor did it originate in humanity; it is almost an eternal struggle. This struggle goes to the core of today’s geo-politics. At its simplest level it is the struggle between the old nation state and the move to a one-world organization.

With the New World Order seen as part of the agenda of the global elite, many prefer a return to nationalism or, as in the anti-globalization movement, to a community based approach, but this is not the answer. Humanity has evolved from the time of small bands of hunter-gatherers, through tribes, to city states, into nation states and empires. We cannot go back to a less integrated approach.

What is most interesting is that the driving force of global transformation has been “globalization” and the corporate world that is its emissaries. Why this is so important to understand is because the corporate world and global finance is actually an expression of the individual consciousness and not the collective, which means that the unification of the world is being driven by the forces of individuality and self-expression rather than the forces aligned with protecting the commons.

This is inevitably leading to a global movement that is based on competition and winners and losers rather than on creating a shared space where all can prosper. At a deeper level, it is indicative of the fact that the factions of the force of Power that are aligned to the individual (and working through the banking system and corporate world) have gained the upper hand over the factions working to provide a protective space.

The problem of reconciling the individual and collective, at a global level, has been complicated by the rise in power of another higher dimensional force – that of Desire, which has finally gained a foothold on earth only in the last 50 to 100 years. Up till this time, Desire was limited to a very narrow range of energies such as sex, eating and other material needs. Only a tiny percentage of the elite could ever aspire to choose how to express their natural talents, and expect to have the opportunity to be the fullness of who they are.

The outpouring of this Force is a good thing in itself, as it had been suppressed for so long. It is also an essential energy if humanity is to be able to stand up to the global elite and reclaim their power. However, like all other forces, it has a shadow side. One of the shadow aspects of the rise in power of Desire is that it has tended to work to support the faction of individuality within the force of Power. Without getting into details, this has led to the undermining of genuine political leadership and the turning of politics into a marketing activity.

I suggest to you that Democracy, while it has been the most outstanding political system the world has ever seen, is now hitting up against its own limitations. The collective consciousness of humanity is simply not mature enough, in enough people, to find the balance between individual needs and protecting the collective. Time and again we demonstrate that we do not have the capacity to think beyond our own interests unless there is some major catastrophe that tends to, momentarily, elevate communities to a higher level of compassion and cooperation.

I could elaborate on this to a far greater degree but it is not my intention to turn this into a tome. Needless to say that it is the expression of this individual desire for power and freedom that gives rise to the global elite, as a manifestation of that collective desire, that then threatens to destroy the freedom that we seek.

So, if democracy has run up against its limitations then what sort of system will work? That is an interesting question and one that there is no direct answer for. What I will say is that the failure of democracy to be able to deal with the current global situation has created a vacuum which is being greedily filled by the global elite and their agenda of a one world structure. Without this void they could never be successful. An alternative will only arise through an emergent process when enough people hold the sort of consciousness to act as dynamic attractors to allow it to pull through.

Please accept my ramblings. I am not trying to provide a definitive solution or understanding here, but rather to raise merely some of the complications and subtleties involved in the question of the global elite and their role in the world today. This paper has barely scratched the surface and is hopelessly inadequate, but it should give one a good idea of where I am coming from.

So, now back to the question of The Obama Deception. Is there a global agenda to create a united global structure through which to control humanity? Absolutely! Is it consciously driven by a group of elite wealthy individuals? In part, but also by forces beyond this realm and it is these forces that are really the source of this agenda. Is this agenda opposed to the best interests of humanity? Not really. It is a response to many factors, only some of which have been addressed here. But the shadow aspects of these forces are driving it in a direction that will ultimately not be at all healthy for humanity. Is Barack Obama complicit in this agenda? Possibly, but not necessarily at a conscious level. However, by virtue of the position he holds he is inevitably drawn into the vortex of Power through which these forces gain access and operate in this realm.

Do I support the video The Obama Deception? These people are playing an important role in raising awareness. This is a vital role but it is limited and not nearly enough. The producers of the video are looking from a particular perspective, one in which they do not appear aware of their own complicity in the unfolding agenda. The movie presents a very black and white, simplistic approach which gives only a glimpse into the real issues and the complexity of what is taking place.

What is the solution? The solution, if indeed one is to be found, will involve many elements, brought forth by many people. Ultimately, if we are to avoid the New World Order what we need to do is to create all the elements of a new system, and gain sufficient support in the collective consciousness for each of these elements so they may act as dynamic attractors in the collective consciousness of the planet. These attractors can then act to create a bifurcation that will enable a new sort of global system of government to emerge, one that might look completely different to anything we can envisage.

For this to happen however, two things must take place (at least). The first is that humanity must reach a deeper understanding of its relationships with the higher realms and develop means of engaging these higher forces in a conscious manner AND as equal partners. Second, we must learn to embrace the shadow of the collective consciousness of humanity, at a collective level. For a new system to emerge it is absolutely essential that the shadow energies related to the current state of humanity – which includes democracy, globalization, individual desire, greed, the monetary system, etc – must be embraced. This shadow holds profound wisdom that is essential to the understanding of how to move forward and a new system will not be able to emerge without the revelation and dissemination of this wisdom. Without this happening it is almost inevitable that the global elite will succeed in filling the void with their New World Order.

Finally a word on the much prophesized 2012 emergence of a new consciousness. To me, this is a distraction. Such a new consciousness is entirely possible – it is none other then the emerging system that I speak about above. But it is not going to happen without humanity embracing its collective shadow. There is not going to be a higher force of savior energy sweep down to wipe away the global elite and all those dark forces and install a new, light-based consciousness on Earth. If a new system is to emerge it will do so only on the back of the dedicated hard work of humanity AND by their evolving relationship with the higher forces. I must stress here that this relationship will be with all the higher forces, not just the forces of light and love, but those of Power, Structure and Desire as well.

From my perspective, the notion that there will be some magical shift in consciousness which is somehow inevitable, is simply an expression of the agenda of a different stream of higher dimensional energy that seeks to undermine the existing power structures. It is no more powerful or capable of exercising its will on earth than the forces operating through the global elite. What’s more, this force is far less established in the Earth realm and so it is extremely unlikely if it, on its own, is capable of prevailing. That does not mean that it does not have a role to play; it most certainly does, and it contains profound wisdom, but it is only a part of a larger picture.

Anyway, that is my response to the video The Obama Deception. Of course I could be wrong. This is simply my perspective, when viewed through my lens, but I do feel it has more depth than some of the other views being offered, and more potential to offer a way forward for those of us who are willing and capable of looking beyond the immediate reaction and the need to find a black and white solution.

Much Love

Thank you Alistair, we agree this is simply your perspective. Certainly we all have one. I find your actions and naked honesty, upon said perspective, to be quite inspiring.

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