Cheers to Max Keeping his promise

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I had slept in the Car and my shirt I intended to wear was all messy so I found this Radiohead shirt in my trunk that I bought at a Garage sale for 25cents. It Says;
Front: we hope that you choke! RADIOHEAD
Back: Phew!
Thinking its probably a bad broke the ice as we sat down. Max Keeping attended a Radiohead concert here in Ottawa when they played at Barrymores...I was amazed, they are way too big for that now! WE Both Love Radiohead!

On July 28th, a Tuesday, I arrived at CTV News Headquarters in Ottawa. 8:45 for my 9 o'clock with Max Keeping, the Chief for the 6pm news report. I greeted the lovely receptionist as usual and told her I was there for my interview with Max. "His assistant will be in shortly". I asked if I could film a bit of the lobby. She replied; "Oh yes, he should be here just about 9".

I did not care that she heard me incorrectly, I was already rolling. "Here we go again...You can't take Pictures Sir". Shut it off. "Pardon"?

I was told. I am not allowed to film. I asked why. You are just not allowed. I stated there was no sign anywhere. Then turned to speak with the receptionist who was staring with her mouth agape. I think she felt, what I then spoke with her about, for him to be a bit aggressive. I have no reason to fear this man yelling at me. We are all equal and his admitted fear of me filming is senseless. What am I going to do? LOL, This is a TV Station...C'MON! I'm not a spy or a terrorist!

OK, so I get a tap on my shoulder while standing at the desk. "See, I remember you!" showing me the Global Love Day Card and some movie invites I gave him last time, all stapled together. "Great! You remember me! That's awesome, you have no idea how much I appreciate that!" as I follow him back to his room. I failed to guess that they would then obviously know I am here about 911. No matter.

Max showed up just as I was shaking hands with his assistant. Max had called when I was waiting. The receptionist seemed mildly shocked that he wanted to talk to Mr. Security. LOL, they chatted for at least 3 minutes after the door was closed. Maybe they talk everyday like that.

Max walked me into the Cafeteria and said "Let me buy you a coffee". He waved the guy behind the counter and I'm sure that took care of it. The receptionist had given to me a coupon;

This coupon entitles you to a complimentary beverage in our cafeteria.
Auction started yesterday, bidding currently at $5 as of Aug 3. I guessed that this was for me to keep.

I had asked if I could film on our way through the doors...he said "First tell me what this is about"...then the coffee...I said "This is about you". Still no on the filming, I asked for audio...still "What is this really about". I did not lie and keep filming. Although I have no problem doing that. I am filmed all the time without my permission. I was surely being taped right then.

I began to ask him because we had limited time and I was not going to be able to have him express his perfect nature before telling him how he can grow on it, about Richard Gage. I stated he had been on local news stations in the US. He was an architect. I can spit this stuff real fast now that I been doing it 105 days. Nothing.

I then talked about the petition I had read about only the night before The news of a possible referendum on 911 sparked something. I then told him 70,000 people made it happen. He wrote it down. Said something about promises. I told him this was an interview and not really a news tipoff, however I kept going.

I got into Nano-Thermite he wrote it down. Then spoke again about Richard Gage, this time he wrote 727 arch's and eng's and the site. I then spoke of my affiliation with, the recent events and my personal pride to be with such amazing people. He wrote it. Short hand.

So 4 Things..with intention to look into Neils Harrit and the Nano-Thermite, he had a nice list.

"Max Keeping, report to the News Office" was announced at 9:15. I was scheduled for 20 minutes. He said "Someone is attending a Funeral and I have to fill in". So that was it. He was all over me about weather I write or where I will be going. I told him I am thankful for his compliments and I will go where it takes me.

I have to admit. I have not tuned in to see if he is reporting on it. I hope his assistant would send me an email.

I intend to follow up before or after the trip. Anyone in between would be great. You would get your own coffee coupon for the attempt.

M@ Out
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"Withdrawn Post Haste!"

Heros of Truth

A serving soldier from York has appeared before a court martial after refusing to return to Afghanistan.

L/Cpl Joe Glenton, 27, of the Royal Logistic Corps, faced the preliminary hearing at a martial court in Wiltshire accused of desertion.

The soldier did not enter a formal plea but his defence counsel Hugh O'Donoghue indicated he would deny the charge.

On Thursday L/Cpl Glenton gave a letter to the prime minister calling for troops in Afghanistan to be withdrawn.

In his letter he claimed the war in Afghanistan is being fought in the interests of US foreign policy.

Expert witnesses

Having joined the Army in 2004, he went Awol in 2007 before handing himself in after two years and six days.

He has been on leave until today when he returned to his regiment.

Mr O'Donoghue told the court that he may call an expert witness to give evidence on the lawfulness of war in Afghanistan.

Military prosecutor Captain Gemma Sayer said she would also be calling witnesses, mostly sergeants, who are currently serving in Afghanistan and Kuwait.

The prosecutor said they were also considering an additional charge connected to the alleged desertion and that L/Cpl Glenton would be interviewed by military police.

Judge Advocate Alastair McGrigor adjourned the case to 4 September for another preliminary hearing.

L/Cpl Glenton will now return to normal duties with his regiment at his base in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.
Joe Glenton Serving Soldier...My Hero!
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