I stand corrected or at least in awe. I met a man today who told me about Freemasonry in a way I have yet to encounter. The virtues of the brotherhood was expressed by this man as truth. I asked a question this morning on facebook about how such an organization could help the community and always take no credit. I do not think an organization or group of people this large could contain a conspiracy of depopulation and terror. I do no longer believe they all may know something about 911 being a conspiracy like the first Mason I met (who revealed himself). When I was at the Guy show in Ottawa back on my second truth action after meeting Richard Gage, I was told by a hairy man that the Masons know about 911 and I should not worry about it. For some reason that made me worry. I worry now only for that man. I feel perhaps with such a large group of Masons here in Ontario alone of 54,000...most of them must be good, after meeting this man today I know at least one is.

If anything, perhaps this brotherhood does know something I don't know about how 911 went down...and the group orchestrating it is so slimey that even their oaths will ensure they bring truth to the surface, about 911 and everything else for that matter!

As I have seen in my travels, through photography and more, freemasonry is everywhere. Hatred for None! Cheers to truth ending tyranny in any way!

What do YOU know for sure?!!

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TrutherGirl Karen

In Montreal on Climate Change...McGill University (eastern Canada center for mind control)...
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