Incorporation: A Living Death ~ by Cunneda

This is a totally amazing discussion about the history of incorporation, corporations and incorporating. Cunneda explained that this system started back around 200 B.C. with the Romans. And the roman empire spread this concept and system throughout the western civilization.

Incorporation: A Living Death ~ by Cunneda

Cunneda's Poem:

The haughty and supercilious, Contemn and tread All in their sight. Deriding the saint -- Despoiling the innocent: They spew forth muted wisdom, And an echo of truth, While casting utterly away The Holy and the Self-Existent; As the wanderer -- Arriving at his night quarters -- Contumaciously throws aside The torch which had guided His uncertain steps Through the darkness. Making a god of their own hand; Empowering a sterile seed; Bestowing only corruption and subversion On all save the anointed.

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