Grasshopper Media Roadtrip for 911 Truth

Alright, this is it. A Relay. Like the Torch. Like Terry Fox. Like we need it.

This is what it is all about. Getting out there. The plans are already too set in place to slow this down. We are finding support from truthers everywhere even before going public like this. We will join with Mtl911truth on the way to Ottawa this fall. Truth converging on the hill in numbers never before seen, for peaceful assembly and remembrance of those who have died in the events and subsequent effects of the events of 911. Sam Labrier and the rest of us will be inviting all Canadians to join together, One year from that Day to stand up and send a message that Canada is the place where Truth and Freedom is Real!

A Calendar posting of the places we will visit and all intended interviews along the way will be on a new site to be released Sept 1st, 2009. We will be in Vancouver for the Olympics and back in Ottawa for Canada Day 2010, truthing everyone along the way. We will stop everywhere we are invited when the schedule is still open. We are inviting all truthers to show their support and be ready for us when we come to your town. We already have some committed VIP's to join us for partial legs of the trip.

We are interviewing Press, Police, Politicians and anyone else. So inform them, invite them, entice them. We are making a movie entitled 'Canada Knows' to be released shortly after or upon returning to Ottawa September 11th 2010. We expect bumps along the way, but no catastrophes as we know what our rights are and we have support from so many angles. Our Camera's will capture everything.

We are not doing this for money. We are doing this for ourselves. We are simply going to ask everyone if they are informed of the mathematical, physical and psychological evidence that false flag terrorism has taken place in our generation. We are hypnotized by TV, in more ways than just Alpha. We are breaking out. People everywhere are getting active, becoming conscious of their dreams. The fate of the world is in the hands of us all, not the few who meet in secret and 'own' the entire system that we support. We don't point fingers. No One is going to be held accountable, except to themselves. We need Hero's and they will appear. Could they be Harry or William? Or both even? Hmmm.

We know what common sense tells us. With a heightened perspective we will see over all the curtains. Knowledge is Power but not without these. My good friends The Outspoken Wordsmiths taught me through both their words and actions. Probably see them somewhere along the way, while sampling their stuff in our vids.
Oct 11-09 - Toronto Truth Action
Nov 11-09 - Winnipeg Truth Action
Dec 11-09 - Vancouver Truth Action
Jan 11-10 - Fraser Valley Truth Action
Feb 11-10 - Edmonton Truth Action
March 11-10 - Calgary Truth Action
April 11-10 - Red Deer Truth Action
May 11-10 - Saskatoon Truth Action ~ Confirmed
June 11-10 - Windsor Truth Action
July 11-10 - Quebec City Truth Action
August 11-10 - St. John's Truth Action

"The only thing necessary for evil to succeed, is that good men do nothing" ~Edmund Burke. Canada Rocks and will know it!
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