In no way would Mark Boyer, Frankie Gotz and I be, somehow, affiliated to indeed assume that a society could arise from it...would be a lie. Honestly the whole system is a fraud top to bottom but its all undoable with a little common sense. As Mark points out...the elite would probably be quite happy with stopping the whole charade in trade for all the debt of the world being taken care of. No body knows and its all up for debate. As for the core root of all the research Frankie and I have done over the years...conclusively I can state that no two men will ever agree so the nature of common law is just that...a continual passing of offers back and forth...and when we stop accepting the offer of nothing for something, perhaps the something from nothing will be accepted and we change our ways...from the ways of Rome. Just sayin.

The world is divorce yourself from it!
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