La Resistance Canadiana

Written by Frankie G of
What is the Canadian Resistance?:

We do not own the words ‘Canadian Resistance’. They are words that geographically describes us best, anyone can use it.

Resistance means humans resisting new world order. The word resistance is used all around the world and can represent many people
and many truth groups. Most commonly used in phrases like “Join The Resistance” or “We are the Resistance” meaning resist the oppressors.
Resist people who do crimes against humanity.

These crimes are against all of us from you to me to our enemies in our neighborhoods. From the nerd studying in the classroom to the hoodlum on the streets,
from the poet on the mic to the doctor selling pharmaceuticals we are all victims of crimes against humanity, we are all looked upon as one entity by a psychotic
global elite that are control freaks and they will do everything they can to keep their power.

Unfortunately for us this global elite control can date back to ancient times. They have maintained their control from keeping sacrade divine knowledge secret hidden
from the minds of billions of people for thousands of years. They have had ages of practice. They have had many accomplishments in maintaining their control.
But let us not forget the fact that they’re human just like you and I. They’ve made mistakes and have had failures in the ages as well (one of which was the attacks of 9 / 11/ 01 WTC 1, 2 & 7)
They messed up bad and the people were smart enough to figure it out and catch them in their false flag terrorism, mind manipulative acts.

I, We call ourselves the Canadian Resistance because we are Canadians fighting these people. If you think it’s with guns well you better guess again!
We are firm believers in being able to have the right to bare arms but this elite is more afraid of people united together in peace and bliss awakened spiritually to who they truly are
then a bunch of revolutionary soldiers with AK-47′s.

We’ve figured them out. What we are about is about is spreading knowledge to the population and waking them up to the dangers of this global elite,
expose who the elite are, expose the elite’s agenda, expose the secrets that the elite has held from humanity, wake up humans and help the humans realize what and who they spiritually are,
AND expose any type of truth that betters humanity in anyway (like secret technologies and different sources of abundant energies).

The Truth Movement

We know this is the ONLY thing that we can do that hurts their agenda and their dominance over the population; it’s called infowars, a battle for your mind.
Are you a slave sheeple or an awake divine spiritual astral biological flesh and blood?
Their power is based on our consent. It is only threw deception by using media & terrorism to condition the billions to consent and allow them to be in power.
It is our job to wake up the population to this fact.

Ways people help wake up other people:

Making Informative Websites
Producing Documentary Films
Producing Truth Music
Writing Poetry
Producing Art that Makes you think or has a message
Traveling the land and communicating with each other
Handing out informative fliers
Making Creative, Informative Youtube(internet streaming) videos
Handing out burned DVDs of very important documentaries
Writing Essays ETC.

There are so many things one can do to help wake another up.

If one is awake to the truth (and new world order) and not controlled by the elite psychologist social engineers and does not take part
in the truth movement then they are no better than the Illuminati socialist, imperialist, facist, communist, occult, terrorist, satanic new world order
scum that commit their crimes against humanity because but not doing anything is just allowing them to continue their agenda. -0 This is serious shit.
People are awakening at an exponential rate. There has never been this much massive awakening amongst the herds of sheeple. The consciousness is shifting
and the elite are doing everything they can to hide the truth.
Please do everything in your power to expose the truth and help humanity become what it’s supposed to be: Sovereign, awake, free, independent, part of a galactic community, peaceful, intelligent, loving, caring and united as one underneath the infinite consciousness some call God.

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.”

John F. Kennedy.
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