Canada Day Sovereignty

Canadians around the world celebrated our Freedom on July 1st. This year marks a turning point in my personal history. This Canada day I witnessed a change in the multitudes. There is passion, there is love and concern. I do not Truth everyone I see and I do take time off to just listen. People are discussing Obama, discussing Swine Flu/the Vaccine/and sickness in general. When I say in one of my video's "They stepped on their own dick" as a direct quote from William Cooper, I do intend to have people wake up to their own awareness that something fishy is going on. Although it seems the world is right behind the truthers. Riding in the wake of what we make viral. We are the people of Earth, No Doubt. From Canada, The US, Germany, China, Russia or Elsewhere, just because you are born in a swamp, and your parents live in a swamp...The water is clear here in Canada. We see how it is being made dirty. Watching The Nations Deathbed and researching into the futility that many of our leaders have encountered is disheartening. But Canada Day Patriots, and all those individuals I spoke with in long or short Can and Will Be Change!

Everyone should read the very short book Jonathan Livinstone Seagull, it speaks of our struggle.

I was a part of WEARECHANGE OTTAWA on Wednesday @ the Freedom Rights Memorial. We had a great time. We met so many wonderful people. Having a simple reason to chat, gives us the reason to listen to everyone. I love it. I love Canada.

In other parts of the world people and their children are being bombed. "I could go on and on and on and on and on...."~Bill Cooper

Cheezy Neil

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