October 2009


The Flow is flowing....

Does this guy say Virus when he should say Vaccine?

Like Symptoms

Way Too Soon in my Opinion...officially don't like David Spade...I did give him a chance....what a jerk...even though he says it never gets old...I hate commercials...even good ones.
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Statistically Speaking...

I've been looking into some internet articles and believe that the brother of Omar Khadr is defending himself lately as the US intelligence wants him for a terrorism charge...

I am excited to hear about any footage that may have come from the Bush events yesterday in MTL. Can't wait to see the video's.

This video is hard to find. Does not come up in normal searches...

Perhaps in lieu of the sillyness that is our resistance to truth on subjects pertaining to our freedom, we could point out the ridiculousness of the Omar Khadr situation.

Statistically...this boy needs to be able to ask questions of his accusers! Truth about Statistics!
Numbers Don't Lie! LOL!

"Charlie Sheen You Rock!"

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See! I told everyone it wasn't us who posted the posters on the schools...Thanks to these guys we made a great video and if even one person looked beyond the hippie mentality and the pro-life (although not-not pro choice) choice...yeah...thanks!

Ottawa Knows!
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There is a scene in this Eminem video that speaks truth to power. If the people of the United States of America walk on DC...before they blow it up...October 25th or so...tick tick...I know nothing for sure!

Replace Bush with Obama!
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Don't Get Shot!

Can they sell you on your own suicide? Military recruiting this year actually met quota's as the fear has never been so high. I bet they dropped the quota to meet it. The word Quota is not a number to react to. Reason only takes you so far, it will not take you anywhere if you are deliberating between fear and joining the military. We have choices....but 'They' tell us its only two! I have just added my 800th friend on facebook. Bernice is on her way up there. Point being its only a few 000's off from the population limit of 8 billion. The reduction to 500 million boggles my mind. It is apparent that most of you are buying into somethings...but not all of them. The vaccines are the pandemics. Codex will be the pandemic. Suicide is a pandemic. Religion without personal reflection is a pandemic. The pandemic has many faces. Choose no Pandemic. Please. For the love of God (Good Orderly Direction), open the peoples eyes around you.

You, I know you are awake and know this already! Thank you I could not, I would not be here feeling so well protected by truth, without you. Be well and listen to what people say, but filter for truth. We are receiving more clues every day to help protect those children that are not even born yet. Toronto Truth Seekers Know!

c/o The Toronto Truth Seekers..."DON'T GET SHOT. We like health tips. So, we should know that all vaccines may cause brain damage from chemicals over-stimulating our immune systems. All vaccines should be avoided and new mandatory vaccines don't make sense. PEOPLE WHO CHOOSE TO TAKE A "SWINE_FLU" SHOT SHOULDN'T MIND IF OTHER PEOPLE DON'T - BECAUSE THEIR SHOT IS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT THEM FROM THE SWINE FLU. Please visit for legal exemption forms,, and - and please pass it on! :)"...Thanks for this TTS!

God is mans greatest idea. The idea of choice is the only thing that must change. Informing others of your choices is the only way. Really, after taking care of your own self worth and truth level, everything else is bonus. Never Quit!

To sell your truth or even a simply need to be better than your competition. The method really means nothing unless you are the best at what you do! Toronto, Canada has a lot to learn from you fantastic seekers of la Verité as they say in the fair PofQ.
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Desire Jennings Redskins Cheerleader Ambasador...August 23rd

I can barely handle watching this. Yes we all know this is a regular flu shot. But we need to remember this is 2009. Its not last year. Number one reason to think things through...assume everything is statistically reliable and you will just happen to be one of those 'rare' cases. Hint; they will call it rare even if every one of us goes "retarded". Everything is OK. Don't get Shot though!

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Collective Soles Marching to What End Again?

In this grand adventure within a grand adventure I would call my life, I feel I am learning about love through my desire to document fear. The initial intention of a movie entitled 'Canada Knows' was to document that we know about 911 and the possibility of something coming to "End Times". As we discuss in private and now in public those theories that make us embrace our personal histories that quite often lead to more clues about what we know for sure, I am finding we know much more as individuals...those who have become simply aware of themselves and the impact of their presence even to the most definite end that we symbiotically feed the trees like they feed us.
Perspectives in this so called movement of truth are quite varied yet commonality is shown. In times of need as in times of hunger one is hell bent on stating what they know for sure, real or not. With a desire to save the world, as it is their own that is being threatened. Not only can one person not defend themselves alone, an army of persons would not solve this either, it is almost a coming together of separateness. A desire to believe what one knows for sure rather than what one has been informed to do or about.

I feel I am not a resource for anything but the same as debunkers. I am not an architect or a first responder. I was not in New York then or have I ever visited what I feel to be a phenomenal gathering of individual minds. A community like no other yet no different. The rights of New Yorkers are not what they should be. The denial of a referendum for that community after they have spoken up by taking that step to say what they want, is downright inhuman. Where do we go from here if diplomacy is ignored.

Please don't riot. That is why they keep poking us with sticks. Violence is never the answer, especially to those that oppress. Fire stokes the Fire.

Could we resolve to stop the fighting? Can we work together without thinking that togetherness enhances that force and it should be used. I feel this is a new thing that I am reporting on. A newness that self polices. No One wants to be a part of violence. Just the same as someone who debunks 911, they are simply ignoring their personal choice to listen.

Almost as tragic as those 3000 not feeling one iota of justice. What if they are watching and are among us? Not that I definitely believe it to be so. But what if?

Everyone wants to play that game. I like to think I'm on the side of truth. And truth don't take sides.


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Grasshopper Architects

I love you all! Yeah, that is what it is down to. Perhaps I know you, perhaps I do not. The lists are getting less personal as we all expand our outreach in whatever way we can. It is natural to begin to feel like there is a disconnection as one grows their 'friends list', twitter account, youtube subscribers and any other 'what have you'. However the connections are what counts. They do provide for synchronistic events to take place. This is what has always been the saving grace for the people of truth. Those that put themselves out there as ones that will not sit down and have the TV tell them that everything is OK, when clearly it is not.

Here in Montreal we have started getting creative. We are producing things quickly and cheaply. Objects slightly 'truthified' somehow to be given to those who know, so they can remember. A bag with 911 photography, or a used shirt of any kind with a quote, logo or anything Truthy. We know that supporting the dollar stores and Walmarts is not what we want. However the damage is done. Less is more.

"Which a ma Call it"'s any one can do. We can give gifts to one another that transcend that information giving. There are those of us who know and those connections must be strengthened. Personally I wish money flowed to the righteous so that they would give back. In fact that is what is happening as the money is sucked dry. What will be the blood of currency when it all runs out? Will we simply still give in to the government as a baby to a babysitter...or have we grown? We do have choices here.

We have received a partial unofficial sponsorship from New World Conspiracy (,, as anyone can do with other business'. We will have an assortment of the clothing line seen on the website. All black shirts, you can order from the site, which is preferred of course as we will have limited quantities.

Also, and it is not an attempt to defame the Truther name, Grasshopper Media is available for anyone to use. You do not have to be a Truther to be a Grasshopper but the focus tends to be that as 9/11 truth. The logos, the laugh, the label, are able to be used for anyone wanting to start a vlog about truth or simply likes the idea of waking up the ants. They work so hard for their gucci shoes...winter is coming. This idea is not a selling point. Everything is a selling point. We hope to simply inspire anyone and everyone to create their own thing. Always respecting non-conditionality can ensure the individual the ability to be a part of something without being forced to think like the group.

Example: "What do you know for sure?"

"Think for yourself, Question Authority" "They are historians that write a non-existent history" "Truthers are some of the BEST people I know"

Any good or pride you bear witness too, should be returned, to the movement from which it came. Personally I am ever growing in just that, through seeing all of you, doing and being. And Myself. Thank you, again and again!

Reward yourself always. Just look where you are!

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THE Cameron Man

When I met Cameron back in June...hell its ineffable! Just watch these priceless grasshopper vids. Truth is rising...T Minus 2 hours to impact on the moon.

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Bernice on Facebook

The Truth Furnace is now showing her stuff not exclusively on my facebook account. Please add her as a friend. It is not Max that moderates her, she has a mind of her own. Love for all, Hatred for None! She is so cool, whats the coolest thing about her?

Photo of Bernice on her profile

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Falling in Smith Falls Amoré

H1N1 Special Report: NO FORCED SHOTS!
Awoke this morn in the Walmart Parking in Smith Falls. Beautiful sun shining, warming the Furnace. Last night after the wonderful movie I was invited to I stopped at Scott's Corner to grab a quart of oil. Becky and Scott greeted me with smiles, and I being the idiot that I am seeking for help with understanding what type of oil I need. I understand mechanics quite well, however I had never had it clarified what difference 5W or 10W was. Never asked Dad, only asked him which one. Scott was the clarification I needed. 5W is thinner, 10W gets thicker all the way up to 40W. He insisted I bring my vehicle by for him to look at. So I did. What a guy. Owns a corner store Ultramar Gas station here in Smith Falls and he will not not be friendly. It was cold last night so I didn't ask him for his shirt...although off his back he would surely give it. Scott is not better than most, in fact lately all I meet are awesome people. Two days ago in Cornwall I met a lady who actually didn't know 911 was an inside job...but other than that people just keep getting better.

Like the power failure we had a few years ago in Ontario, people became kinder under not so kind circumstances. I think the state of the world now, even with electricity, is causing most to secure there connections and character rather than finances.

But that's just my opinion! Inspiring movie last night in an inspiring little theater, synop below.

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