RBC Arsonist Roger Clement


RBC Arsonist Roger Clement

Roger Clement

OK, so Roger is far from free. He is scheduled to be in jail for another 3.5 years. That will not stop us from asking questions surrounding the highly mysterious RBC Arson (NOT Firebombing) in Ottawa on May 18th, 2010. Roger was arrested June 18th with 3 others. One was let go, and leaves town (never named). Francois Leclerk a well known anarchist in Ottawa goes missing. Three were read about in the newspaper the day after. Police Chief says we got the bad guys, all three of them, locked up good and well...nothing to worry about down the 401 at the G20 next week. Parliament talks about Terrorism just down the street from "This very building"...mention 911 a couple times...spend over a billion on security. Claude gets stayed charges, no evidence. Mat gets stayed charges, not enough evidence. Or the crown likes to bargain like on the show law and order (oh it must be fun to be in character like that). July 15th, Police admit there was an undercover cop involved in the apprehension of ALL the criminals...he had infiltrated the anarchist movement in Ottawa for 2 years...Francois was here for 2 years...this is breaking news...but its nowhere in the media cause they don't ask (the right) questions! Roger Clement plead guilty. Stand up guy, won't rat out anybody. Took the rap for the whole thing. Too bad cause if there was any evidence or even a trial to bring in anyone else...they would have to bring the cop back wouldn't they? Maybe Roger should sue Francois Leclerk. But I don't know Roger personally and have no qualifications to give legal advice...And maybe Francois just taped the event and never suggested to Roger it was a good idea or nothing...hope this gets out in time for the G20 investigation. Hope they uncover more truth than the 9/11 commission!

I don't believe anything anymore and nothing surprises me!


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